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Information You Need to Know About Immigration Bonds

If you are required to attend to immigration case hearings from any place apart from the custody, an assurance need to be there. Hence, if you go for the immigration bond, you prove that you will be attending the hearing. If given the bond, you will be able to attend the hearing from home or any other place. If given this bond, it does not mean that the case is over. Attending the hearings is key, and if you are absent, the immigration authorities can decide to deport you. Hence, here are the most important things you need to know about these immigration bonds.

First, you need to know that immigration bond is far much different from the criminal bonds that we are familiar with. People usually confuse these two types of bonds since they must be looking similar, but in reality, they are totally different. If you are a suspect of criminal offence and you need to attend to hearings from outside, criminal bonds suit there. But if you have issued with the immigration authorities and you are in their custody, you need to go for the immigration bonds. The bonds are there to assist you in attending to the hearings from outside and not from the custody.

If you have a green card or US citizens, you are legible for the bond. You need to make sure the payments are made by a permanent resident. The person you choose for the post need to be trusted since they play a critical role in the process. It is also important if you keep in touch with the person. The immigration bond amount set for you can vary depending on your financial and criminal records.

When it comes to the actual processing of these bonds, you will realize that the process is extremely slow and you have to wait for the completion. The office is always busy, and this calls for your patience. Hence, you need to have enough time to spend in the offices when you are seeking for the pond post. You may also be required to make sure you are in touch with a supervisor to give you updates on the processing. To save waiting time, it is recommended for you to hire an attorney for the follow-up.

Money order and cashiers cheque is the only acceptable modes of payment for the bonds. The office is not permitted to allow any cheque or cash payments and having such payments will cost you since you will still be sent back. Therefore, after the completion of the immigration court case you will expect the refunds of the money which at some point can take a couple of months.

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