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Tips on How to Reduce the Effects of Climate Change

Climate changes at times affect people so much. The trends and the changes that come with the climatic changes have a diverse effect on people. In coordination with the energy group of people and those of the water and the environment, there can be so many ways in which people can deal with the effects and impacts of the climatic changes. The way we handle the environment should be very specific and clear. We need a system whereby the surrounding is appealing to stay in. tree planting has been a discussion over and over again. Tree planting helps in the way the climatic changes come in. there are people who have decided to be partners in leading the gang against the climatic changes and the general tree planting process. It is very important to maintain the health surrounding that will be so appealing to stay in. there are so many ways of maintaining the environment such that in case anything happens, then there shall be no problems with the people. There are so many groups of people, the government and the non-governmental organizations that have come out clear in trying to help reduce the effects of the climatic changes. The following are some of the ways of reducing the impact of climatic changes

Firstly, prior planning for floods and related stuff. The government has to do planning on how to counter floods in case they come to happen. Floods have had a very big problem n the past. They affect both-plants, animals, and in particular human beings. It is very good to set aside a kitty that will take care of the people who shall have been affected by floods. The people should be given aid in case one needed during this period of time. The money is to be used to buy drugs, the needs of the people to be handles, the money should be used to buy food and take care of other things of much importance. The people living on low lands should be vacated and taken to high places to avoid them being affected by floods. The water systems have to be looked into keenly. The channels and tunnels to be built to take care of water to flow in a required direction. Water flowing in a manner that is planned is the best thing ever and this can aid in several ways to make life better.

There should be ways of storing foods for use during the dry season that may not allow plants to grow. Be keen on the way food is stored. Choose a storage system that can help in keeping food for use at the time need arises. Be keen to know that some foods go bad very fast. The foods can be usable for the shortest time possible. The above factors have to be looked at very keenly ignorer to avoid losing time when harsh climatic conditions troop in. there are so many organizations that are to be used to help in the process of problem-solving.

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